“Since my Freshman year I’ve gotten refund checks, and have not had the burden of paying for school out of pocket. A few of my close friends at the time were struggling with paying for school and this was my freshman year. At that point I said that I was going to give some money away, and time passed and finally over the summer of 2018, I sat down in the ILAB at Howard University and write the application for what just supposed to be a one time scholarship, “Reach Scholarship”. But God had so much more instead. That one time scholarship turned into what you see today, Reach Foundation, Inc. The papers that I drafted the foundation on are hanging on a wall in in my room as a constant reminder of where this organization came from and where this organization is headed.”

-Jerron Hawkins, Founder

Additionally, the Reach Foundation has 3 pillars: Reach, Pull, Uplift that also doubles as the basis for 3 scholarships offered by the foundation